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  • The purpose of life is a life of purpose. Leadership effectiveness comes from commencing something that does not end with you.
  • RT @BillGates I was excited when @TIME asked me to serve as its first guest editor. I asked some of the people I respect most to… https://t.co/KBwbPnATGz
  • RT @MichaelFullan1 Fantastic book on 'school autonomy'--the definitive capture, Salokangas and Ainscow are brilliant-- Inside the Au… https://t.co/Tf6R3UUfEj
  • What we need is “Lifelong-Kindergarten” to thrive in this Brave New World! #FutureFrontiers
  • Our abiding challenge is to ensure school and system leaders have deep understanding of how to meet the learning needs of gifted students.
  • Andreas Schleicher: "The challenge is to make teaching intellectually more attractive."

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